Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Look Into My Heart

Look Into My Heart
Proverbs 14:10(NCV) “No one else can know your sadness, and strangers cannot share your joy.”
What if you saw the insides of my heart today?
If you looked deep inside of me I wonder what you would say
Would you be excited about the love that I have
For my God, my family, even the enemies that back stab
Maybe you would admire me for my love and dedication
To the Bible and God’s people; who I will serve without hesitation
You would probably be impressed by my faithfulness to my friends
No matter what comes I will be true to them until the end
You will smile when you hear that I trust Jesus and have avoided God’s wrath
That I delight to shun the broad way I try hard to stay on the narrow path
You will appreciate the part of me that is convicted of sin
Oh yeah, don’t forget that inner part that desires godliness within
But if you looked into my heart you would surely see the scars
That travel back to when I was young and my thoughts were my bars
You would see the part of me that was used to being laughed at
Whenever an awkward situation came up I never knew how to act
Trying to fit in and just feel like a normal human being
But no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t shake that awful feeling
If you looked into my heart you would definitely see
That sinful side that is always out to destroy me
You would see those things I hate to do when no else is around
Those things that we all swear would never bring us down
You would recognize that I always have struggles on the inside
A desire to always do right and hide my sinful side
And if you keep searching you will find something that permeates every part
From the beginning I always had a desire to make Christ home my heart
You would see that I am not willing to ever let go of the hand of my King
My Savior and Redeemer who has taken away death’s sting
If you looked into my heart you would see someone who is driven by God
To walk through this life even though it will be very hard
You would also see someone who is thankful for the gift of being alive
You would recognize that Christ is the reason I have so much drive
To keep smiling and living out His Words that give peace
For in my heart I fully recognize I am one of His sheep
1Corinthians 2:11(NCV) “Who knows the thoughts that another person has? Only a person’s spirit that lives within him knows his thoughts…”
Will Gilmer- I don’t have enough time to tell you about my heart, but if you hang around me long enough, I will show it to you.
William L. Gilmer
Knowing God can help you understand who you are, why you think the way that you think, where you are going and what you are doing. You may not know when and how you are going to get there, but if you grow to know Him, your understanding will become clearer and clearer.
1.       So, who are you?
2.       Why do you think the way you think (how do you form your opinions)?
3.       What are your dreams, desires or plans for life (what do you want to be and what led you to this decision)?
4.       How are you going to accomplish your dreams or goals?


  1. we need to focus clearly on God and keep him close to us in our lives and make sure we walk with him daily

  2. If you look into someone heart you would see the messed up sinful side of your heart, but you'd still see the good part that strives to follow God.

  3. This is bascially saying that we should trust God in every little descion we do cuz HE will help us.-Connor FYI

  4. we all struggle on the inside to follow what the world would want us to believe is the right way to handle something that is what we use to believe when we still had that voude then u fill it with God and it makes it easer

  5. Ember- Everyone has a sinful side, sometimes we try to hide it to seem beter and more mature that we are. We need God to help us though our lives. We can't do it alone. We just can't.

  6. Michaela-
    We all sin and struggle to stay away from what the world is doing today, but we should always follow God. God is the only one that can make life easier!

  7. I agree with Ember when she says that everyone has a sinful side but often tries to hide it. I personally have done this alot. I think that anyone who looked into my heart would be surprised at what they see. On the inside I am not the same person that I am on the outside

  8. The part where it said if God looked at your heart today spoke out to me. It spoke to me beacause it said if God looked at your heart TODAY not tommorrow..so I always should be right with God.

  9. I think that this devotion is true because some people try to hide that they have two different sides. The evil side and the good side. I always ask God for help if I am having troubles with anything. I know he will always help!

    Nobody can ever see your heart unless you act that way. You should always try to be godly to everyone. You should always follow God! Like Michaela said "It really makes life easier!"

    Victoria Gallagher

  10. that was a power message it made me think and look at myself

  11. everyone sins. no one is exempt from that, except God. but just because we do, doesn't mean we can say, "oh, since he just sinned, i guess i can too!" that is NOT true. if you do that, then your giving an example of peer pressure. if your "friends" are tempting you to follow the world's view and not God's, get rid of them. if you think you could talk to them and get them to understand, then by all means, do it. if that doesn't work, it's their fault, not yours. doing this, (among other things)will help you more easily resist Satan's temptations. this is Josiah Herman, signing out.

  12. In a basketball meeting on the 1st we had a coach come in to talk to us named Mike Letterman, he said a quote that kind of goes with this and where our hearts are. "Life eventually comes to an end, eternity doesn't." Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the things of the world (sports, grades, hobbies) that we forget it is all going to end someday. We need to keep our eyes focused on God, because he will NEVER end! Just somthing to think about.

  13. sometimes it is hard for everyone to not sin because its just something that we sometimes do without realizing we just need to pray to God for his help and he will help he can do anything even if we can't see God he is always watching all we have to do is believe and pray to God!

  14. When it comes down to it, everyone has sinned. It says so in the Bible! No one can just, stop sinning. Sometimes we may not even realize that we are sinning. But as long as we confess to God about our sins, we will be right with God.

  15. We always need to confess our sins to God because we all sin and we need to come clean with him :)

  16. Proverbs 15:11 (MSG): "Even hell holds no secrets from God - do you think he can't read human hearts?" Even though we try to hide our sins that we do in secret, there is no way to hide it from God. The only way we can have a true relationship with God is if we confess ALL of our sins to God.

  17. Everyone sins.. we need to confess all our sins, and know that God will forgive us and he will still love us even though we mess up .. (Kendall)

  18. I agree with Corey, there is no point in trying to hide who we are God knows us better then we do. The best way to have a good relationship with God or anyone is to be open and share your struggles with them. Why would we want to be fake and hide what is really in our hearts???

  19. God wants our hearts to be clean so when the day of judgement comes, we will be ready- Austin

  20. Sometimes when were around our friends we act like a totally different person. Then we pray to God and go to church acting like were a sweet little kid. And we get so used to that that we just think that's the way it goes. But it doesn't God knows who we are, and we need to be that person, no matter what people say behind our backs. Because it then becomes their problem, not ours.

  21. well sometimes when i am around my friends they act like they dont know god just to show off but i truly know that they do know god and god knows that we are the person we are so we shouldnt act like other people, just be our selfs and worship him and his word and just come clean with all of our sins and ask him for forgiveness and i know ALOT of people that dont confess their sins and said "i dont have sins" but EVERYONE MAKES SINS ALL THE TIME its just that no one wants to confess them to god. we should trust god with all our heart soul and mind because if you dont then your proboly not going to follow his word and then your going to have completly no trust in him and then you will make more sins and you will turn to the devils side and go from a great christain person to a person that didnt want to follow gods word and chose the devil and i know many people that have done that before too and it is really sad and i always say in my mind "i want that old good person back i know they have it in them somewhere, i know they have god somewhere in them" and that is always my question when they turn to the devil the question is "how do we get them back",if the dont want to go back and they refuse to listen to you god and everyone and refuse to learn more about god???????????????????

  22. We all struggle to follow the Lord or the world. We tend to go along with whatever the world wants.

  23. Kayla-
    I don't think that people know that God knows everything about everyone, and they try to hide that from Him, but you can never hide whats in your heart from God.