Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I am What Ever You Say I Am!!!???

I am What Ever You Say I Am!!!???
Who Has Family Hero Traits?
Have you ever made the honor roll in school?
Made your mother and other family members proud by achieving something they asked you to do?
Been your teacher’s favorite?
Done something before a family member or teacher asked you to do it?
Been a leader in school, some sport, or your group of friends?
Have you ever been on T.V.?
Who Has Problem Child Traits?
Have you ever been punished?
Have you ever talked back to your parents or teacher?
Interrupted a class because you just felt like doing it?
Have you ever said, “I don’t care what anyone thinks?”
Have you ever been chased by the police or spent a night in jail?
Made your mom or dad mad just because you wanted to? 
Who Has Lost Child Traits?
Have you ever felt like you didn’t fit in with your family?
Have you ever said, “You just don’t understand me” to someone?
Have you ever fantasized about being someone or something else?
Have you ever felt intimidated by other people’s looks or talents?
Have you ever been afraid to go somewhere because of what others might say about you?
Have you ever felt like quitting or giving up just because you don’t like your life?

Who Has Class Clown Traits?
Have you ever acted like you were/are dumb to fit in?
Have you ever made fun of others so people wouldn’t make fun of you?
Have you ever worn something so people can pay attention to you?
Have you ever become jealous of someone else because they were the center of attention?

Who are You???
What Makes You, You and Me, Me?
Our Parents?
The things we do?
Our Neighborhood?
The people we hang out with?
The schools we go to?
The music we listen to?
The shows we watch?
The people we know?
How do you become the person you are/are becoming?

Romans 12:3 (The Message Version) The only accurate way to understand ourselves is by what (who) God is and by what he does for usnot by what (who) we are and what we do for him (God).

Does your life ever feel like a child in a dark basement?
You know where you are but you don’t have secure placement
You are afraid to walk through it because of what may get you
Others have said it’s not that bad, but you don’t think you will make it through
In the basement it’s dark and filled with creepy things
You can’t always see what’s going on, but you are always ready to scream
You hear a noise and wonder, “what is that over there?”
You bump into an object and wonder if it is a person or a chair
You stumble over an object while straining to gain your sight
You walk briskly through the basement trying to find the light
In a panic you rushed into something that you could have missed
And now you are not only scared, you are also miffed
Mad that others told you the basement “was not that bad”
Distraught because you don’t seem to have the wisdom they had
So in a fit of rage you scream “can somebody help me?”
“I’m overtaken by the dark and I cannot see”
At that moment you are scared and feel all alone
And then your Dad turns on the light and you realize you are home
He calms your fears by letting you know that He was always there
He rushes to your side, hugs you, just to show you He cares
He lets you know that without Him you cannot reach the light
And if you go into the basement, just ask and He will give you sight
“You never have to worry about being in the basement alone
As long as I’m your Father and this place is my home”
Psalm 116:1-6 (NCV) “I love the Lord, because he listens to my prayers for help. He paid attention to me, so I will call to him for help as long as I live. The ropes of death bound me, and the fear of the grave took hold of me. I was troubled and sad. Then I called out the name of the Lord. I said, ‘Please, Lord, save me!’ The Lord is kind and does what is right; our God is merciful. The Lord watches over the foolish; when I was helpless, he saved me.”
William Gilmer
Doesn’t life feel like this at times, dark, scary and lonely? You are not quite sure where you are going, what or why you are doing what you are doing, how you got to this place in your life, when you will understand many of the questions and things you struggle with in life, and most importantly, you look inside and cannot figure out who you are. You are confused one day and excited the next. Some mornings are filled with fear, anxiety and stress, while others you are bursting with joy, anticipating the things you are going to do or be involved in. Life can be a confusing journey at times, but with the guidance of the Lord (and the people He has placed in your life), He will be the Light that clears up much of the fog that covers those areas of life where we are challenged and confused.
So, who are you? How did you figure this out? Let’s talk about who you are.


  1. Whenever we feel like we are waklking in the dark we can rely on God and we can pray that he will help us through this time

  2. i like how it talks about only God can tell you who you are and no one else.
    - jacob maxwell

  3. I guess that just when we feel like we can't go on with life God "turns on the light" and let's us know that he is there and has always been the and will also always be there

  4. I used to struggle personally with this. Last year all I could do was match up to other people and try to be like them. I am so thankful that I was able to realize these truths and change them this school year!
    ~ Lauren Rekeweg

  5. I usually feel like people will always listen to me when I'm talking to them or something and it makes me feel important and some times I do blurt out in the classroom or make a funny noise just to be the center of attention. It feels good but it's not always right. It may disrespectful o the teachers or the other students around you. And in the Wednesday night youthgroup that I attended last week, Brian (our youthleader) was talking about disrespect and he said "just because everyone else is doing it didn't mean you should do it too and if you see someone showing disrespect that you should tell them enough is enough"

  6. well i say that i have did lots of those things in the past and now i am learning alot more about god and i am just suprised about what i have done in the past and i realized that i didnt really care about what i wore and the things i did but know i am relizing them and i am regeting it because there was alot of mistakes i did in the past at my old school and come to think of it i am really supried of what i did and the stuff i did was just not really good and if i did kept on doing that stuff i would be no where in life no i proboly wouldnt of been close to god i am just so exided that i get to come here at this buitiful school and learn more about god because at dekalb/my old school we couldnt learn about god or that teacher would get fired and it was illgale to do that at our school and i came home one night from school and my step mom said we are putting you into a christain schhol bacause i had so many wrong things on my mind and i said ok and she said if i went there now what would they think of you and i said they would think bad of me and that night i was just so sad i had so many things on my mind and just sat in my bed and said god will you please forgive me of these selfish sins i have made i wasnt thinking of you at all when i should of and im regrating it alot, i just really hope you change me and the next couple of weeks i went to school and i was so impresssed on how munch i learned about god i didnt realy know anything about god but that night i rerad the bible for the first time and i began to learn about adam and eve and then i learned more about them from this day on i am still reading the bible i am so greatful that god has changed me cuz if he didnt i would be in the gutter now all alone with no one

  7. i think that sometimes it is hard to "fit in" but i mean its something really simple and sometimes i make fun of people just to have people like me but really the person that i put down or someone put down really doesn't think its funny at all and they start to hate u. i really liked this devotion i think alot of people should hear this. when i think about it all i need to do is have confidence in myself that i can do something and i should remember that if i say to myself that i can then i will be able to so i will try my best to keep myself up and try my hardest as much as possible and i will try not to fit in just to be funny.

  8. I know that ive done alot of ungodly things in the past. But know I need to live as christ would like me to. And I can do that by looking back at my life and seeing what I did wrong and try not to make the same mistakes agian.

  9. i combined the two questions that said,"have you ever been jelious of someone else's abilities?" and, "have you ever wanted to quit something because you didn't like your life?" to say, "have you ever wanted to quit something because there was someone better than you?"
    i have learned from past experiences that when something like this happens, you just need to work harder, always remember that you will never be the best at anything, to trust in God to keep you safe, and to give him the glory.

  10. I agree with other people who said that it is hard to fit in sometimes it is, but I think that normally when fitting in becomes the main point then I forget about what God would do or about maybe just being me. Like for me at church I'm just now begining to meet people that are my age and stuff... I also know that God wants us to be around other people and I know that God wants people to be themselves not anyone else..and he didnt do what other people did to fit in he did the right thing and sometimes poeple pursicuted him for it but he still did the right thing. -Jessica C

  11. I agree with Jessica. Sometimes it is really hard to fit in. A lot of people, including me, have pretended to be something they're not just to try and fit in. I've realized that that doesn't matter though. If you just be yourself you will make many friends.You shouldn't compare yourself to other people. You should be happy with the talents and other traits God has given you instead of wishing you had a different person's traits. God didn't make you to be someone else; He made you to be you. If he wanted you to be someone else, he would have made you that way.

  12. I am a lot of those sections and i feel bad. I never really noticed how much of an internal "corner hider," i am. I only care what other people think and not as much what I think or what God thinks about how I act in class or wherever.
    I get jealous easily and want to quit everything just because of that.

  13. wow, this was a powerful one. I think my favorite part of this was how well the devotion portrayed God as our father, him coming over to us, comforting us, hugging us, and reasuring us that He is there, and that He will always be there. i mean...ALWAYS!! personally, i think thats mind blowing. He's always ready to be there for ME! He loves me that much.....it takes my breath away to think about it...

  14. I have always had trouble not really caring about anything. I always compared my self to other people and just beat my self down for not being good at something or not being some way. if a subject comes up in bible or something that I really am interested in and want to ask questions I just dont because im not very good at talking and it makes me mad at God for the way I am. But I know that God cares about me alot and wants the best for me. sometimes it feels like im running through a dark room trying to get to the other side with out running in to to many things but I know that God is there right beside me helping me and guiding me through the dark room.

  15. some of these traits describe me exatly. some im proud of some im not. some will stay some i can work hard to earse but some stick forever

  16. Ember-
    Last year i struggled with friend groups. I felt alone and like i couldn't fit in. I would try to form to be something i wasn't. Sometimes i would be accepted other times it was like being in my own world. i found one amazing friend at my gymnastics center who helped me. She was there for me when i need it most. She's one i can always count on. She's a chathloic but we still talk about our religions wit one another. She is the one i talk to if i have a problem. She's there for me, always. That's how i want to be. I'll always look up to her.

  17. everyone is invited to kim and i's web site mine is: the amazingness ally:and kims is can-i-help-you!:

  18. Yeah, sometimes we feel that we need to be someone else to fit in, but we will always fit in with God!

  19. I push away my parents and brother because I want to do things on my own and in my own way. That leads me to the dark basement. I should have God be my guide by letting him help me by using other people like my mom, dad, and other Christians. This will give me light to see.