Sunday, October 31, 2010

Knowing You're Not Alone

Knowing You’re Not Alone
Psalm 25:16-18 “Turn to me and have mercy on me, because I am lonely and hurting. My troubles have grown larger; free me from my problems. Look at my suffering and troubles, and take away all my sins.

So Close to You but Far From Others
Psalm 25:16-18 “Turn to me and have mercy on me, because I am lonely and hurting. My troubles have grown larger; free me from my problems. Look at my suffering and troubles, and take away all my sins.”
Lord, loneliness is an empty place
An empty waste land with not a smiling face
There are so many days when I feel so alone
So many days when no place feels like home
Lord, how do I change—this feeling that I have
No one seems to understand me I am always accused of being bad
A misfit, a freak, or some other wrong description
No one knows me all they see are my addictions
The things that I do just get me the attention that I want
Yes I will talk loud, make jokes I don’t care if I am caught
I am accused of not caring and not really listening
But what they don’t see is my relationships are missing
I hang with people who don’t really know me
How could I know so many people and still be so lonely
God, this doesn’t make any sense why are things this way?
Is loneliness something that I should feel each day?
Lord, I don’t know what to say can You lead me to someone who is true
So loneliness isn’t a place that I become used to         Will Gilmer

   I.        Loneliness Is Normal
Everybody feels lonely at times. It’s normal and natural. Sometimes we want to be alone, but nobody wants to feel or think that they are alone.
Does anyone here ever feel lonely?
Complete the following sentences:
I’m most lonely when…
I wouldn’t get so lonely if I could just…
 II.        Loneliness Is More Than Being Alone
Did you know that you can be lonely in a crowd of people—loneliness is more than just being alone.
We all visit, work or attend places where there are many people; write down where you feel the loneliest and if you can why you feel lonely in this place.
A friend’s house:
Which one of the places listed above make you feel like an outsider or outcast?

III.        People Usually Feel Lonely for Three Reasons
1)   They don’t feel valued. Feeling lonely often comes when we feel like we don’t matter to someone or a group of people. Do you ever feel like you are not important to anyone?

2)   They believe their life has no purpose. There are many people who feel lonely when they believe or think that there life doesn’t have a purpose. Have you ever believed or felt like your life or life in general is pointless?

3)   They believe no one cares for or about them. Loneliness can be a result of believing that no cares or cares for you the way you want them to. Name three people who care about you and write down how they show they care about you.

God Values You Because He Made You
Psalm 139:14, 17 I praise you because you made me in an amazing and wonderful way. What you have done is wonderful. I know this very well… God, your thoughts are precious to me. They are so many!

  • Sometimes it's easy to forget that God made/created us; we live in a world where the voices we hear, even our own, dominate this truth. Knowing that God's thoughts are precious towards us can get us through some rough periods in life. Meditate on this truth and pray for God to connect you with people who will value God's creativity in you. 
God Knows What My Life Will Be
Psalm 139:15, 16  You saw my bones being formed as I took shape in my mother's body. When I was put together there, you saw my body as it was formed. All the days planned for me were written in your book before I was one day old.
  • It is nice to have a plan for life; to know what you want or are going to be when you grow up. What happens when you don't know? Do you feel awkward? Envy those who seem to know where they are going and are taking steps to get there? Or do you trust the God who knows what your life will be? God has your life planned; draw near to Him and He will reveal it to you as you grow closer to Him.
God Will Support You With…
Psalm 27:10 If my father and mother leave me, the Lordwill take me in.
  •  There are times when we believe the people closest to us don't care about us; only God and the people you are in relationships with know if that is true. God wants you to know that if that is true, He will bring you into His family and care for you. He will love you in a way that only He can. Pray, ask God to heal your heart; cry out to Him and let Him know your pain. He will not ignore you; He understands your heart and any hurt that has been done to you.
  People Who Care
Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 Two people are better than one, because they get more done by working together. If one falls down, the other can help him up. But it is bad for the person who is alone and falls, because no one is there to help. If two lie down together, they will be warm, but a person alone will not be warm. An enemy might defeat one person, but two people together can defend themselves; a rope that is woven of three strings is hard to break.
  • One of the best things about being in a relationship with God is the connections you will make; God does not play favorites or want to keep people isolated from each other. He has designed us to be in relationships with each other so that we can share in His love and the love of those He has made. Pray that God will bring people into your life that will help you to see the beauty of who He is and why He has made you; God truly cares for you and He doesn't want you to feel alone.


  1. My favorite part: God does not play favorites or want to keep people isolated from each other.

  2. There have been times where I have felt lonely, but God provided people that care about me every time.

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  4. God will be with me in the toughest moments in my life--no matter what. i love that I can trust Him in everything, and to be there. He will never be isolated or have a "bad adittude" with me. I can trust He's always listening.

  5. i have often fealt like cory mentioned, like you are alone, and like nobody knows what you are going through. But i have learned from experience that you just need to to trust God, first that you will get out of it, and second that it will work for his greater plan.

  6. when i feel lonely i trust in God. i know that he has a plan for my life and that i have to feel this way to make me a better person

  7. evan-
    i would say that we all feel lonley and we all need God. when i feel lonly I nomarally make supid friends that i shouldn't have and to keep them i do some stuff that i should not do. it impresses them but i get in trouble and thier gone and the lonlieness comes back to me. i thought that was all and i would feel it till i died but then i let God into my life and now i dont feel lonieness. i guess i just needed him to fill that void.

  8. Ember-
    I also agree with Corey, whenever i feel down or upset God provided friends that can really cheer me up. I can always lean on them.

  9. Kayla-
    I don't remember a time that I felt like no ones there for me, but its great to know that God is always there for me and will always invite me into His family

  10. I hardly ever felt lonely, and when i do feel lonely it has normally been when i just lost a friend or i go to a camp or something and dont know anyone. But we should really try and find people who feel lonely and left out so we can help them and try to be their friend.

  11. Michaela-
    I feel alone sometimes and like there is no one there for me, but it's great to know even when you feel like that God is always there for you!

  12. loneliness, something no one wants, and something we all have, even me... but when I'm lonely, I know that I can always pray to God for comfort, love, attention, anything that will make me and God feel better, because God doesn't like it when we're lonely. God justs wants us to be happy.

  13. I usually don't feel too lonely, but there are some days where I feel all alone. But then I just take a step back and realize that I have so many great friends and family members, and even if they turn on me, I will always have God! I know that God will never leave or forsake me. (Hebrews 13:5) I also agree with what Corey and Ember said, whenever I get down, God provides friends that cheer me up and I can always lean on them.

  14. i loved how this lets us know that if we feel lonely we know God is there for us

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  16. i loved this because i can relize that God is there for me even when i feel like he isnt i love how Alex and Kayla and Corey and Ember worded it because we can just trust in God when we need him most and if we see that someone is feeling lonley around us we can help them out to!

  17. -SARA
    i loved the part like Montana said thar God is always may feel very lonly like i know that i feel lonly sometimes but you have to tell yourself that you are never alone because the most important person is always there and that most important person is Jesus Christ. one night i was home alone and i felt very lonly but then i thought to myself i am not lonly i am never lonly cause God is alway with me. you know the cool thing is that God is with every single one of us at the same time and sometimes i have to ask myself some questions like how is God with every single one of us at the same time but you know it is God and God can do anything. i love that i can always rely on God to be there for me.

  18. sometimes you feel very lonley and you feel like no ones there but god is always there to help you and everyone feels lonley at times god will always be there for you so you can ask him what ever you would like and he inspires me alot and his word sticks out to me and we always can trust him and rely on him no matter what he will always love us no matter what we do or how many sins we make and we all make stupid choices but god can always forgive us because he knows we really love him and obey him i am so glad god got into my life because if he didnt well that would be very bad because i would make very stupid choices! and thanks coach robinson for giving us this website because it really stuck out to me and now i relize alot of things i do wrong and i can fix them and follow gods word !coach robinson is the best teacher and my fav.!!!!!

  19. Parker
    i totally agree w/ alex.
    no on usually likes lowliness... i hate being lonely... when i is lonely i am usually in trouble from my parents. that is when i want to be lonely...

  20. There is allways some one there for me (aka my MOM).. BUT GOD IS ALL WAYS THERE FOR ME IN ALL MY STRUGGLES

  21. when like i get really mad or i did something wrong i always thinks that i am alone and no one wants me or loves me at times and i even forget that GOD IS ALWAYS THERE FOR ME and sometimes i even think that he does not even love me at all. i also have been thrugh some hard stuff and when it finilly hit me i was like my life is so messed up. and i even thought that god was not even there at all. i would sometime just cry in my room just because of my life and when i try to talk to my about this she just say it is all drama but its not and when i am gone and then when i come back i always alone because people do not even let me join in of what they are talking about are what they are doing. and that just makes me want to cry because of the people that leave me out of stuff. and that happens all the time. sometimes it just makes me want to SCREAM SO LOUD TO GET ALL OF MY ANGER OUT AND THEN WHEN I FEEL REALLY LONELY I JUST WANT TO JUMP OFF A CLIFF AND SOME PEOPLE JUST WANT ME TO BE GONE AND IDK IF THE WORLD EVEN WANTS ME HERE OR THE FRIENDS I HAVE EVEN WANT ME HERE sometimes my best friends wont even talk to me and i dont know why and that i think they just want me to leave and when i am dealing with tuff times my best friends turn there backs on me and it makes me feel UNWANTED IN THIS WORLD. but i have been talking with my pastor about this and he has help with this and he reminded me that GOD IS ALWAYS THERE FOR ME AND HE WILL NEVER LEAVE MY SIDE OR ANYTHING

  22. well for 1 paige that is not a good thing that you feel like that and you have a lot of friends that would hang out with you and god loves you and cares about you ALOT even though you think he doesnt and your a really good sister and EVERYONE in this world goes through hard and bad times you just have to keep praying to god and god ALWAYS haves a reason for everything And he loves us all no matter what this is a GREAT ADVICE COMING FROM A GREAT-WORNDERFUL-AMAZING-AWSOME SISTER IN THE WORLD LOVE YA SIS!!!!!!

  23. Home: well if i am in trouble or like homw alone
    School: if i am mad at a person for doing something to me and i feel not the best
    Church: i am usually never lolney at church because ther is only about 30 people
    A friend’s house: if a friend of mine is closer to another friend.

    An enemy might defeat one person, but two people together can defend themselves... i realy liked told me that to people are better than one
    we need to chose the right friends.
    - Parker

  24. It's all about relationship, you guys hit the nail on the head!!!

  25. P.S

    I'm loving this Blog man keep that Fire blazing!!

    Frontlinaz K.O.

  26. i think that God has a plan for all of us EVEN IF IT TAKES GETTING TO KNOW GOD PERSONALY."_"